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A close up of a thistle plant on fire

How is FireFinder using AI
to detect fire?

The FireFinder app uses Azure's Cognitive Services Computer Vision, a machine learning algorithm that can "see" and understand the contents of images. When you upload an image to the FireFinder application, it analyzes the image via the API and provides you with information about what is in the image. In this case, it's looking for fire.

A close up of a small pile of wood on fire with crackling fire and glowing embers

How is FireFinder specifically
detecting fire?

The algorithm has been trained on a large dataset of images that contain fire. During the training process, the algorithm "learned" what features are common to images that contain fire. This could include things like the color of flames, the shape and texture of the fire, and patterns that could indicate the amount of heat being emitted.

A close up of a small pile of sticks on fire, with the flames licking upwards

When you upload an image
to FireFinder

Once you upload an image, the algorithm analyzes the image and compares it to the patterns learned during training to determine if it contains any signs of fire. If fire is detected, the algorithm flags the image as containing fire and predicts the likelihood of the detection with a confidence score, which can be useful for filtering or prioritizing results based on an assigned threshold.

Two firefighters walking amidst smoke and flames outdoors

Understanding fire detection
with FireFinder

In essence, the Computer Vision algorithm works by looking for specific patterns and comparing those patterns to patterns it has learned during training. This allows it to identify specific objects or characteristics in an image, such as the presence of fire. With continuous analysis of multiple frames over time, this technology can be used for mission critical services to track live fires in real time using event driven algorithms.


FireFacts from FireFinder

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  • Urban Fire Prevention

    The company FireNinja, based in Singapore, uses AI fire detection to assess fire risk in urban areas. The system analyzes data on building construction, occupancy, and other factors to identify areas that are at high risk of fire and recommend preventive measures to reduce that risk.

  • Marine Fire Suppression

    The company FFE, based in the United Kingdom, uses AI fire detection in its marine fire suppression systems. The system uses machine learning to analyze data from sensors and cameras on board ships to detect fires early on and trigger the appropriate fire suppression systems.

  • Smart Home Fire Detection

    The company Nest, based in California, uses AI fire detection in its smart home devices, including smoke detectors and cameras. The system uses machine learning to recognize patterns and behaviors that indicate a potential fire, such as sudden temperature change or the sound of a smoke alarm, and sends alerts to the homeowner's phone.

  • Industrial Fire Detection

    The company X-Sense, based in China, uses AI fire detection in its smart smoke detectors for industrial and residential settings. The detectors use advanced algorithms to finitely differentiate between usual smoke from cooking or vaping and smoke from an actual fire, reducing false alarms and improving response times.

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